Over a year ago I had a 20K house generator installed by Ronco. When I first met Rob, I was very skeptical. I had talked to ten people who each told me something different about installing a whole house generator. Within minutes of speaking with Rob, I knew I was dealing with a professional. He answered all my questions, made solid recommendations to improve the installation and the price was very fair. Rob handled all the permits, materials and installation. His employees are top shelf. Heather in the office was always helpful and the two installers worked hard and when they left I never knew they were there. Now for the best part. When the inspector comes for the final inspection, he removes the panel cover and calls me over. He says, "Look at the craftsmanship your installer took in wiring your panel. This is by far the nicest, cleanest and most beautiful install ation I've ever seen. You got a really good guy." I thought, yes I did. The generator runs exactly the way it was intended to with not one issue. I signed up for the yearly maintenance with Ronco since they are so good. I would strongly recommend Ronco and already have to several friends. Ironically, today there is a power failure in Farmingdale for the first time since I got the generator and my generator is running right now!!!