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Electrical Services for Offices in Monmouth County

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Designing electrical systems for office buildings will differ from the traditional layout for residential properties. Commercial buildings need to accommodate increased electrical loads due to the amount of people that regularly work at and occupy an office. Your office building’s electrical system should also account for future expansion. An inadequate electrical system that cannot accommodate more employees is a flawed system.

Make sure your business is up to code with the right installations, upgrades, and timely inspections. R Ronco Electric provides comprehensive electrical solutions for customers across Freehold and surrounding areas in central New Jersey.

Do You Have Emergency Egress Lighting Installed?

If not, you will want to plan for it. State codes require an emergency lighting system that will help your employees and guests navigate the building in case of a power outage.

Egress, or emergency, lighting is designed to stay lit during a power outage. It is bright enough to not only get your employees out of the building if needed, but it also provides enough light for them to keep performing tasks in the office should a power outage occur.

What are the Benefits of Surge Protection Services?

Your office stores important data on all of your systems, and this information is constantly updated by your employees. Without an efficient surge protection service, you run the risk of not being able to capture all of the important information that you create on a daily basis.

Whole-office surge protection also protects your IT equipment. You cannot afford to lose the sensitive equipment that may be damaged during a power outage.

The team at R Ronco Electric will help you design a surge protection system that will keep your office safe when the unexpected happens.

Call today at 732.938.2094 for immediate electrical upgrades, installations, repairs, and more! All of our services are guaranteed, which means greater peace of mind with every call.

Need to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

If you current electrical system is not providing your office with the reliable power that you need, then it is time to consider an electrical panel upgrade. Not only will you increase the amount of power that is coming to your building with a new panel, but you can also lower your energy bill by making your system more efficient.

Today’s panels offer increased performance and safety for everyone in the office. If you are in need of electrical panel services, let our team at R Ronco Electric handle every step of the process. An electrical panel is the heart of your system, making it imperative that your panel be installed correctly by trained professionals.