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Surge Protection

Surge Protection Services in Monmouth County

Protect your computers and other important electronics or appliances from power surges.

Call 732.938.2094 for comprehensive surge protection services in Monmouth County, NJ.

Whole-house surge protectors are becoming necessary to extend beyond the traditional surge protector strip many of us currently have in our homes. Get a head start on improved home safety by contacting R Ronco Electric for immediate surge protection services in the Freehold area.

What is Whole-House Surge Protection?

Simply put, this service protects your home from electrical surges without the use of multiple surge strips. The unit is installed near the electric breaker panel, so it is out of sight and keeps worry out of mind. It isn’t a strip that will be an eyesore, nor will it get in the way when you need to connect a device or appliance.

A typical home is equipped to handle 200-300 amps of electrical current. The whole-house surge protection system acts as a shield to protect all large appliances should a sudden surge take place. You’ll be protected in the event of a sudden electrical charge of up to 40,000 amps.

If a sudden charge occurs, the system responds by deflecting the excess current into the ground path of the home, helping to prevent any harm to your electronic devices and appliances.

Why Do You Need This Service?

Many surge issues originate from within the home. For example, major appliances that frequently power on and off can be the culprit. Over time, such appliances create fluctuations that slowly wear down specialty electronics like plasma televisions, microwave ovens, and computer equipment. The final result is an early replacement of these devices– and often unexpectedly, since the slow deterioration occurs out of sight.

Of course, electrical surges can occur from outside the home as well. Faulty wiring is often to blame. In addition, your utility company’s equipment may not be up to standard or power lines could be down due to accidents or severe weather.

Any of these scenarios sound familiar? If you’ve already had major surge problems, give us a quick call and we will come out to inspect your home for a surge protection set up.

Is Whole-House Surge Protection Affordable?

It will depend on your home’s needs. In general, whole-house surge protection comes at a reasonable price when you consider the replacement value of major appliances, such as your washing machine, dryer, air conditioner, heat pump, and even your computer.

An electrical surge is something many homeowners don’t spend much time preparing for, which makes it an even greater issue. If you’ve experienced surge problems in the past, take a proactive approach this time by calling 732-938-2094 to get started on whole-house protection.