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Attic Fans

Attic Fan Installation & Repair in Monmouth County

Attic fans are a useful way to provide ventilation in your attic if the natural ventilation is not sufficient. They can be a tremendous money saver if deployed properly, assisting your cooling system during the hot summer months.  Here are three reasons to install an attic fan ventilation system.

  1. Reduce Temperatures In Living Spaces — In the summer, your attic can reach temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  An attic fan can reduce this temperature to about a 5-10 degree difference, which translates to a 10 degree difference in your home“s living spaces.
  2. Protect Your Roof — Various systems in your house create moisture, including kitchens, bathrooms, etc., and often this moisture escapes into the attic space.   If not allowed to properly be removed, this moisture can wreak havoc on your attic roof, causing rot and mold issues.  By having a mechanical attic fan, you can move this moist air out of your attic and replace it with drier air, thus reducing the chance of rot or mold, and extending the life of your roof.
  3. Cut Down On Costs — An attic fan can help reduce the attic space temperature, which in turn, reduces the amount of time your cooling system has to run.  This saves money!


Why Should R Ronco Electric Install My Attic Fan?

There are a variety of factors that come into play when ensuring the safe installation of attic fans. We know what to expect so you don’t have to worry. Call today at 732.938.2094 and get your new attic ceiling fan set up in no time!  We charge a flat rate of $975 for new installs, and $675 for attic fan replacements.