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Home Remodeling

Electrical Home Remodeling Services in Freehold

Need to install new wiring or reroute your existing wiring?

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Have an older home with electrical fuses that are always tripping? Just bought a major appliance such as a new air conditioner, or even a hot tub? Your home is due for an electrical upgrade. Not only will updated wiring make your home safer, but it will also increase your home’s value. Contact your electricians at R Ronco Electric for immediate wiring upgrades and updates in Freehold and surrounding areas in central New Jersey.

Why Do We Recommend Wiring Upgrades?

Keeping circuits from overloading is one of the primary reasons we recommend a service upgrade.

Normally, any wiring over 50 years old should be replaced, even if there is no outward indication of a problem. Old wiring can prevent a fuse from tripping at all, which can lead to electrical shocks. Wiring that has seen better days is more likely to cause damage to your appliances with delayed reaction times in the event of a power surge.

What Will We Check During an Electrical Upgrade?

When we inspect your home to check the condition of your electrical system, we take into account a number of factors:

  • How many load bearing appliances?
  • What type of lighting is inside and outside the home?
  • Is there a workspace with heavy electrical equipment?

Major household appliances and workshop equipment will need 220-volt service. If your home is operating on a 120-volt line, we will recommend an upgrade to 220 volts.

We will also test the breakers to ensure they are protecting the circuits. Industry tests have shown that over 50 percent of breakers fail to trip at 135 percent of their rated load. If this occurs over a period of time, the wiring will break down and heat will build up, presenting a fire hazard.

Installing a New Appliance or Adding a Home Extension?

When running a new appliance device in your home, consider whether your current electrical system can handle the workload. Multiple computers, television sets, and video game consoles are the norm in today’s homes. Add to that electric grills, air conditioners, and modern washers and dryers, and the increased load can prove too much for a home to handle. Plan ahead of time to make sure there is enough amperage to handle everything.

How Does All of This Increase Your Home’s Value?

When you have a licensed electrician install new wiring and upgrade your electrical system when needed, there are no surprises down the road. The upgrade is a fantastic selling point if you’re planning to put your home up for sale. Today’s buyers often request a home inspection and will want the sale pending until a thorough check is performed.

If you’re ready to take control of your electrical system with updated wiring and rerouting, call 732.938.2094 for a FREE estimate and to schedule an immediate appointment.