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Lighting Design

Create the perfect ambiance in your home.

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Few elements in interior and landscape design have a more powerful influence on the way your space looks and feels than lighting. The right lighting not only provides ample illumination for every functional task, but it also sets the tone for the atmosphere within the space as well.

An art as well as a science, lighting design requires both imagination and technical expertise. Whether installing an affordable dimmer light or an ornate chandelier, our lighting design experts will elevate the style of your indoor or outdoor space while ensuring that everything operates safely and efficiently. You will find us serving Freehold and surrounding areas.

Need to Install Recessed Lighting?

When it comes to layering your interior space with light, recessed lighting is an important instrument in a professional lighting designer’s toolbox.

Recessed light fixtures are virtually invisible light sources that help establish the mood of the room. They can be used as spotlights to add a sense of drama to the space, to chase shadows from corners, or to bathe the room with ambient light. When connected to a dimmer switch, they allow you to alter the atmosphere of the space at will.

Although installing recessed fixtures is fairly straightforward in new construction, adding these fixtures to existing structures requires careful work with the wiring. Because the fixtures emit some heat, we want to make sure heat-proof fixtures are used around insulation. The wiring may need to be snaked through the ceiling or adjacent wall to connect the fixture to an outlet and wall switch.

Exploring Your Lighting Options

At R Ronco Electric, our lighting designers are ready to assist you in selecting fixtures that will add style and functionality to your home, whether indoors or out.

Options include wall sconces, track lighting, under-cabinet strip lights, and landscape lighting. Perhaps you need a ceiling fan equipped with lights to illuminate an enclosed porch with style, or dimmer lights to add that dramatic touch to your dining room. No matter what you’re looking for, our skilled lighting technicians will recommend and install the ideal solution.

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