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Outlet Switches

Outlet Upgrade & Switch Installation in Monmouth County

Need to upgrade your electrical outlets?

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Access to electricity in your home is so convenient that it is easy to take for granted. By flipping a switch, you can turn on the lights or appliances without giving it a thought. But when something goes wrong and things suddenly don't turn on, you're left in the dark wondering what happened.

If you're having trouble with your outlets or switches, or are looking for an upgrade to your units, contact R Ronco Electric. Our licensed electricians help homeowners throughout the Freehold area with professional outlet upgrades and switch installations that ensure improved safety and convenience.

How Can You Keep Your Family Safe from Electrical Shocks?

Upgrading your units means you'll be complying with national electrical codes, including requirements that apply to tamper resistant, weather resistant, and ground fault outlets. We will also help you comply with local building regulations. This means you and your family will be well protected against electrical emergencies.

If you have small children, make sure you have the right outlets installed to prevent shock. We'll help you install 15 and 20 amp weather resistant outlets around your patio, deck, or pool, as well as ground fault outlets to protect your family from shock in your basement, bathrooms, and throughout your home.

Want Greater Protection Without the Energy Drain?

The use of power strips indicates that you need additional outlets that can take power to your cell phone charger, hair dryers, and other conveniences. Statistics show that the small chargers draw more energy than you may think, especially if you leave them in the socket.

Surge suppression outlets protect your valuable electronic equipment from power strikes, making the need for power strips with surge suppression unnecessary. We install split circuit receptacles, in which each outlet is wired to a different circuit so that you can use a wall switch to turn on a lamp without affecting the power to other appliances that connect to the outlet.

Call 732.938.2094 today and get started on your outlet or switch installation.

Do You Have Unsafe, Ungrounded Outlets?

We recommend replacing any outlets that were installed earlier than the mid 1960s. You can identify ungrounded outlets by the absence of a half round grounding hole.

If you notice an ungrounded outlet, give us a call and we will inspect your electrical system and determine the best way to upgrade that will support the types of switches and outlets available today. These upgrades will help meet the needs of your new appliances, electronics, and power tools.

Working on outlets in your home requires an understanding of the circuits in your electrical panel, and we always check to make sure that each breaker is appropriately marked. Your home is likely wired with 15 and 20 amp circuits of 120 volts, but we always verify your power sources for safety purposes.