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Retail Stores

Lighting & Electrical Services for Retail Stores in Monmouth County

Need electrical or lighting help in your retail store?

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Retail stores are held to different standards than other buildings when it comes to the lighting and electricity regulations they have to follow in New Jersey. There are requirements for specific types of electrical panels, lighting, and other units within your system. Working with a qualified electrician will help ensure your property stays safe with the right electrical installations, upgrades, and maintenance. R Ronco Electric serves stores just like yours throughout Freehold and surrounding areas in central New Jersey.

Read on to learn more about how you can improve the safety of your property.

Need to Install Emergency Lighting?

New Jersey law mandates that any business that operates out of a storefront is required to invest in emergency lighting. Emergency lighting can be anything from lit “Emergency Exit” signs to backup lighting that kicks on in the event of a power outage.

These lights all require specialized electrical components and installation, meaning they need to be handled by a qualified electrician.

Why Work With R Ronco Electric?

The safety risks that come with improperly installed units and poorly repaired electrical systems make it important to work with a quality electrician who is focused on delivering the most accurate and efficient service possible.

Since 2009, we have been turning stressed business owners into happy customers. High standards of service and recommendations are a huge part of why customers keep returning to us for all of their electrical needs.

Customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, and aesthetics are all things that you undoubtedly think about as a business owner. That’s why it’s critical to work with electricians who are as professional as you are.

The comfort provided by our guarantee and our commitment to competitive pricing give you peace of mind knowing that you’re getting a great value. Call 732.938.2094 to set up an immediate appointment for your next electrical service.

Is Your Electrical Panel Up to Code?

Local regulations also require business owners to update their electrical panels if current ones are at a certain age. These panels are also required to live up to certain standards. When new panel installations or repairs are performed improperly, major problems (such as risk of fire) can result.