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Appliance Wiring

Appliance Wiring Services in Monmouth County

Need to reroute the wiring on your new appliance?

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Electrical problems can be a nuisance. Having the improper wiring configuration in your home will not only cause damage to the equipment connected to the circuit, but it can also affect your safety. Incorrectly installed appliances or other electrical equipment run the risk of fire and damage that will cost you much more than it would to hire a professional electrician who could have installed your units correctly the first time. For professional appliance wiring services, contact R Ronco Electric and get fast service in the Freehold area.

What Needs to Be Considered During a New Wiring?

Your home’s electrical circuit wiring requires professional services. Since a majority of appliances operate within the kitchen area, we can securely run the wires through your walls and throughout your home.

A majority of the appliances on the market run on 220 volts. This is an entirely different circuit than the standard 110 volts that serve the remaining areas of your home. While some appliances allow for adapters, this is not recommended as it will eventually cause a major catastrophe.

Why It Makes Sense to Work With a Professional Electrician

Just as not all appliances are built the same, neither are the electrical wiring circuits they’re connected to. By having our professionals prepare the electrical wiring for your next major appliance installation, you will be investing in the safety of your home and your family, as well as the long term efficiency of your new appliance.

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What Types of Appliances Need This Service?

Below is just a sample of the different types of appliances we’ll help you configure.

Climate Control Devices
During the winter, many homeowners will plug in a small desk-type heater and blast it for hours on end. This is a major strain on the electrical system. It’s also costly, as the drain on the circuit can cause other items plugged into that same circuit to short out due to not having enough electricity to function. We’ll help you build dedicated wiring configurations that are designed for the heavy load of such equipment.

Computer Systems
Whether it’s a business network or your home computer setup, you can count on us to help you properly set up grounded electrical paths that will save you on energy costs and reduce risk of potential damage.

Server systems used for businesses will utilize the same load as many larger appliances and run continually throughout their life. This continual drain can place a strong load on your electrical system. Personal computer systems also draw a surprisingly heavy load. A standard desktop running for 8 hours consumes about 100 watts per hour–and this doesn’t include printers, external hard drives, or other devices you may have connected.

By installing designated wiring for your computer system, you will gain improved security from electrical surges that can destroy your computer and your valuable stored files.