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Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breaker Installation & Repair in Monmouth County, NJ

Have a tripped circuit breaker?

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Circuit breakers, unlike fuses, can be reset and used again (a fuse, on the other hand, is useless once it has blown). Circuit breakers also protect against faulty short circuits and overloads. For comprehensive circuit breaker installation and repair services in the Freehold area, contact R Ronco Electric and we’ll come to your home with the right solution. What Causes Circuit Breaker Problems?

Household appliances such as electric stoves, microwave ovens, electric heaters, and dryers significantly increase your home’s electrical power needs, which can lead to overheating and fires.

In order for the electricity to function correctly and provide adequate power to your home, the circuit must be complete from end to end without interruption. If the circuit is not complete, the electricity will stop where an interruption has occurred and complete the circuit while going back in the direction to the source from which it came.

Circuit breakers “trip” when the power or amperage reaches a certain heat level. This will stop the flow of electricity to prevent your appliances from overloading and starting a fire. How Do You Know If Your Circuit Breaker Has Tripped?

You will hear a click when your circuit breaker trips. Only part of your home will be without power when this happens.

Most circuit breakers last for quite a while, but they can become broken, worn out, or experience a malfunction. If you’re having trouble resetting your circuit breaker, this indicates a malfunction in the system; this in turn could mean your circuit breaker needs to be replaced.

How would you like a professional electrician at your home at a time most convenient for YOU, with the right solution to your circuit breaker problem? Call today at 732.938.2094 to schedule an immediate appointment!

When Should You Have Your Circuit Breaker Checked?

Problem signs to look out for:

  • A humming circuit breaker, which means it is unable to trip. This can cause your circuit to overheat and cause a fire.
  • A circuit breaker that constantly trips can mean that too many appliances are overloading the circuit.
  • Lights that don’t fully turn on, or that flicker, signal faulty wiring or misaligned wiring. This leads to further damage in your electrical system and appliances.
  • A burning smell is a serious sign of exposed or damaged wires that are flowing with electrical current, putting you and your family at risk of electrical shock.