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Electrical Services for Restaurants in Monmouth County

Put your guests in the perfect mood with professional lighting and electrical services.

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Your restaurant has a wide range of needs for specialized electrical equipment to provide comfortable and safe surroundings for staff and patrons. By ensuring that your electrical system is designed specifically for the establishment’s needs, we’ll help you enjoy lower lifecycle costs and the ability to provide your patrons with a world-class dining experience. If you operate in the Freehold area or neighboring areas in central New Jersey, contact R Ronco Electric for professional solutions to your immediate electrical problems.

Want a Guaranteed Way To Protect Your Food From Spoiling?

Since walk-in refrigerators and other equipment need to be powered on at all times, installing emergency generators is a vital measure in helping you avoid food spoils during a power outage.

We are authorized Generac dealers, which means you’ll receive $25 off maintenance on all Generac generators, plus a free 5-year extended warranty when you buy and install a qualifying generator.

Need To Replace Your Electrical Panel?

Your restaurant will also have a range of electrical equipment, from appliances to lighting systems. These systems generally require a more robust electrical grid than other types of businesses.

Your current electrical panel may not be suitable for the actual number of appliances in regular use. If this is the case, we will help you stay up to code by designing and installing a custom electrical panel for easy maintenance access, making power interruptions less likely.

We can even include systems in your new electrical panel that will simplify the measurement of electrical usage–this is an important feature if you are trying to reduce your electric bill.

Do You Need Emergency Lighting?

Most building codes require that all emergency exits feature an effective lighting system. To better ensure the safety of your workers and patrons, you will want to consider installing egress lighting.

An effective egress lighting system in place means a smoother evacuation process in case of emergency. What’s more, adding egress lighting to your property can help reduce your liability insurance costs.

What Electrical Problems Are Common in Restaurants?

Have you experienced an overloaded electrical grid? Notice physical damage to wiring or other electrical components? Need to add more outlets to keep up with an increase in appliances?

These issues need to be addressed as soon as possible to help you avoid further damage or accidents.

One of the most common issues customers face involves thrown breakers due to an overloaded electrical grid. This is especially common in older buildings that were not built with today’s proliferation of electrical systems in mind. In extreme cases, this can pose a fire risk to the building. To solve the problem, we will modify the wiring, install new electrical panels, and make sure that the building can support the newly installed equipment.

Another common issue many restaurants face is the lack of sufficient power outlets. Attempting to use extension cords is both unsightly and presents a fire risk should a cord be damaged while in use. Give us a quick call to install additional power outlets to account for all of the necessary equipment. But we won’t stop with installation–we’ll also make sure that the outlets are properly grounded to help prevent the risk of an electrical short.

Rest easy knowing your restaurant is fully prepared for the electrical challenges of a modern business. Call 732.938.2094 today for professional services guaranteed to solve circuit breaker problems, wiring issues, and more!