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Car Chargers

Car Charger Installation Services in Monmouth County

When you make the move for a new electric vehicle, let Ronco Electric be your one-stop-shop for a custom car charger installation.  Whether you need an indoor or outdoor setup, we have extensive experience installing new car chargers for both our residential and commercial customers.

Ronco Electric can install any brand of car charger.  However, we strongly recommend you use the New"Juicebox" Car Chargers found here.

Why Use a JuiceBox Car Charger?

The JuiceBox Car Charger is a Level 2 charger, which typically outperforms a generic brand from the dealer.  Simply put, these devices charge faster and more efficiently.

Why Do You Need This Service?

There are many important things that go into the decision of how to setup and install a car charger.  Location selection, devices used, Code requirements (GFCI), and convenience all play a role in this decision.  We will ensure the correct wire and the correct amperage are used for your install.  Our experts are experienced and know both what to look for, and also what to ask you, in order to ensure your install is perfect and up to code.  We do not recommend this job for the DIY'er.  

We can do installs both indoors and outdoors (driveway charging).  

Call 732.938.2094 for competitive and custom car charger installation services in Monmouth County, NJ.