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Electric Car Chargers

Electric Car Charger Installation & Repair in Monmouth County

As electric cars continue to become more and more popular, one common surprise that is often overlooked by consumers is the cost associated with setting up a home charging station.  Since this is a unique expense tied to these specific vehicles, it is often skipped over while car shopping until after the decision to buy has been made.

Unfortunately, in most instances, especially for Tesla vehicles, the vehicle will require a special outlet that is most likely not installed in your current home setup.  Installation of this outlet will almost always require proper permits be obtained as well.  This is often an unplanned surprise expense that can damper the spirits of purchasing a new car.  It is also a project that should be taken seriously and installed the correct way.

We have extensive experience installing these outlets for new electric car buyers, and specialize in custom setups.  Many homeowners require both a setup to charge in and outside a garage.   We know the use case very well, and can provide the best setup for your home.  Don't just trust anyone with this installation.  Give us a call to discuss.  Our pricing is extremely competitve, and you'll know the job is getting done correct the first time.

Call today at 732.938.2094 and get a free consultation for your electric car outlet installation.  Remember, we specialize in Tesla car charger installations, which are 50 AMP dedicated circuits that can charge your vehicle in a few hours.