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Electrical Inspections

Electrical Inspection Services in Monmouth County


Call 732.938.2094 for electrical inspections and upgrades in the Freehold area. Get a free home electrical inspection with qualifying repairs!

It’s easy to make a mistake when attempting DIY electrical repairs, mistakes that result in a code violation that can bring on a number of other problems. Instead of risking your safety, contact your local electrician for help identifying potential problems with your electrical system. R Ronco Electric is available to help residents throughout Freehold and surrounding areas in central New Jersey.


Let’s take a look at some of the more common electrical code violations and how they can be avoided.

Outdated Wiring
Outdated wiring is a common cause of fires in homes and other buildings. Over the course of an average year, it accounts for almost 70,000 fires and about one billion dollars in property losses. For this reason, it is important to be knowledgeable about the hazards of outdated wiring to help keep your family and home from becoming a statistic.

Knob and Tube Wiring
Knob and tube wiring is a very old form of wiring; some homes may have been using them for over 65 years! The age of this type of wiring means that it is subject to deterioration, cracks, or missing insulation. Homes with this type of wiring run a greater risk of developing accidental fires.

In addition, knob and tube wiring does not meet modern electrical codes. It cannot carry the load required for many modern appliances. Because this type of wiring uses surrounding air to scatter heat, home insulation contact can easily start a fire.

Improper Grounding
For the last five decades, the National Electrical Code has required all new homes to have ground wires. However, older homes often do not have this in place. If your home needs proper grounding, contact us for an immediate inspection and we will help you bring your home up to code.

Grounding systems offer a path for electricity to safely flow to the ground if a problem like a short circuit occurs. This ensures that, in case of a problem, a fuse will blow or a circuit breaker will trip to prevent electrical shock. If there is no ground path, there is increased risk of injury and damage from electrical shocks and burns.

Exposed Wires
Another electrical code violation is exposed wires. These can happen when the insulation that normally surrounds the wire has become worn from age, weather, or being gnawed on by animals. If the insulation is missing, there is nothing to prevent the transmission of electricity from a wire to a person, animal, or surrounding area. Touching an exposed wire will give a fatal shock. An exposed wire is also at risk of touching another bare wire, resulting in a short circuit that can cause a fire.


Make sure your home is in full compliance with electrical codes and safety standards by having a professional inspection performed. If you are having an electrical system installed, we will perform what is called a “rough in” inspection. At this time, we will thoroughly inspect all wires, conduits, and boxes. The service panel will also be checked to ensure that it is properly installed and grounded.

Are you planning to rewire your home, install a new electrical system, or set up an appliance? Now is the time to fit in an electrical inspection as well. Remember, qualifying repairs earn you a free home inspection. Call today at 732.938.2094 to get started immediately!