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  • Benefits of a Pool Automation Panel test

Installing a pool automation panel is an excellent upgrade to any backyard pool landscape.  These panels allow you to control your pool equipment from the comfort of any mobile device.  Not only that, you can also potentially control other landscape equipment in your yard, including lighting & sound, to give you full control of your system without having to get up.

Pool automation panels allow you to control your pool equipment from anywhere.  Perhaps you are out to dinner when you decide to have some friends over.  You can instantly adjust the pool equipment to perhaps turn on the filter, or increase the pool temperature if you have a heated pool.  Perhaps you want to check on your system while you are out of town for a few days.  You can ensure that your system is running properly and you won't be coming home to an unsightly pool.

An added benefit of these systems is that they are expandable to control not only pool equipment, but other systems as well, such as water features, lighting and sound equipment.  You can turn on/off a water fountain... or perhaps turn on/off your jacuzzi.  You can potentially control the entire backyard experience without having to get out of your chair!

These panels are not as expensive as you might think, and typically we can install and be done in one day.  

Ronco Electric works exclusively with Pool World, one of the area's most recognized and reputable pool installers.  We have extensive experience with these panels because of this, and can answer any questions you may have about the benefits, costs, and features of these panels. You can view a "before and after" photo above to provide an example of how we can install a panel in your landscape setup.

Call us at 732.938.2094 to set up a no-charge consultation and schedule us to view your property and provide a free quote.  Get your yard ready for the ultimate in luxury and convenience with a custom installed pool automation panel.

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