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Reasons To Consider A Backup Generator

  • Reasons To Consider A Backup Generator test

Tropical Storm Isaiah was a recent reminder of how quickly electrical service can disappear for thousands of customers.  The storm eliminated power service for millions of homes.  What's even more troubling is that in many instances, various regions were without power for over a week.

If you were one of the unlucky who had this happen to you, you know all-to-well how challenging this can be to navigate.  Small gasoline powered generators can be effective in short spurts, but when they are your only source of power, it can become tiresome constantly refilling and monitoring them.  Not to mention the dangers these devices can cause with their exhaust fumes, as many fire departments found out.  Other risks include:

  • Food going bad and having to get tossed in the garbage
  • Not having any running water if you are on a well
  • Not having the ability to operate critical medical devices, such as CPAP machines

If you already own a generator, there are STILL important critical items to monitor.  Routine maintenance is key.  Ignoring this maintenance may allow you to get away without it in short service interruptions. However, if service goes down for over a week, your generator may have problems if you have failed to check and service the oil routinely (check daily), as well as ensure your switch and other key mechanical parts are in proper working order.  Many of our most recent calls are from new customers with existing generators that were working for multiple days, but then failed for reasons that can be avoided.  You've already made the smart investment in a generator.  Make sure it stays in top working order.

Besides service, Ronco Electric is a licensed Generac installer as well.  We have installed and maintained hundreds of Generac generators.  If you have put off having your generator maintenance performed, don't wait until it is too late.  You may end up getting in line, waiting for us to get to your service call.  Don't be that person.  Get out in front of it today by contacting us to schedule a generator checkup.

If you do not have a generator, there has never been a better time to eliminate these risks by purchasing a Generac whole house backup generator from Ronco Electric.  Give us a call to discuss your situation.  We offer free estimates with no sales pressure.  However, with hurricane season coming, and generator supplies limited due to COVID 19 economics, now is the time. 

Call us at 732.938.2094 to discuss your generator needs today!