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Don't Be That Person Who Waits Too Long...

  • Don't Be That Person Who Waits Too Long... test

We all have busy lives. Whether it's the day to day commute to work, running the kids over town, and getting ready for the's easy to forget some routine maintenance checks on your home systems.  However, we want to remind you that the best time to check if your portable/whole house generator is working properly is NOW...not the day before our next big storm.

Since many people forget to check if their system is working properly, we often get inundated with calls the day before a storm. Some people often may have to wait for us to arrive, as we handle the influx of calls. Don't be this person. Get a step ahead of the game by testing your system today, and ensuring that everything is in working order after a long off-season.

If you need any assistance testing your system, or have tested it and found a problem, call us today at 732.938.2094 and we'll be out to visit you to remedy that situation.  If you are not capable of testing the system yourself, no problem.  Give us a call and we“d be happy to perform the system check for you!