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Emergency Lights - Why You Should Consider Installing Them Today

  • Emergency Lights - Why You Should Consider Installing Them Today test

Emergency lighting is typically seen in commercial spaces, and consists of Exit and Egress lighting to assist people in an emergency situation.  A common scenario is a power outage, where these devices sense the loss of power and trigger on, providing emergency light via battery, often up to 90 minutes.

Spacing between devices is critical in an emergency situation. OSHA code requires that a minimum level of 1 candlepower be measured at 1 foot above the ground. In hallway areas, it is ideal to have your emergency lighting slightly overlap one another.  This ensures that a safe lit passage is made available.

Along with spacing, location of emergency lighting plays a large role in the success of your system.  Some retail spaces may require only outside corridor lighting, while warehouses may require much larger overhead lighting to illuminate a good portion of the floor area.   It is important to understand what type of setup your space requires, and to position your emergency lighting accordingly.

There various types of emergency lighting, including

  • - Thermoplastic
  • - Self-Luminous
  • - Photoluminescent
  • - Edge Lit

There are also floor mounted lighting setups that can illuminate a floor when needed.

Choosing the proper lighting type for your space can be tricky though, so don't guess.

Homeowners may not typically consider emergency lighting, but they are a great safety feature to install in your home in case of an emergency power loss. Emergency lights can provide a clear path from your upstairs bedrooms, safely down a flight of stairs and into other areas where flashlights may be stored. Children can also feel much safer in an emergency situation if the common areas leading between bedrooms are lit.

If you are not sure if your property, retail space, or warehouse is meeting code requirements, or if the location of your emergency lighting is correct,  give us a call at 732.938.2094. We'll be happy to provide a no cost visit to assess if your emergency lighting is sufficient.