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How To Make Sure You’re Hiring The Right Electrician

  • How To Make Sure You’re Hiring The Right Electrician test

While this area is an extremely hard area to comprehend, electricity is one of those areas that it really is just better to be safe than sorry! There are so many aspects of electricity that there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to what may happen with out a professional.

So while we all agree we need to hire a professional for the job, how do we choose the right one? Of course we all know to ensure they are licensed and bonded and insured is a must. But what else? If they are licensed it doesn’t really matter about experience, right? Wrong! Experience is a must. Just because they can pass a test does not mean they have real world experience which is something you can only gain by being around the block a time or two so to speak! So how many years experience is enough? I would think around three to five years would be sufficient! Next what experience is really needed? Are you looking for a ceiling fan instillation or are you looking to have your new commercial building wired? This makes a huge difference in the type of electrician you should hire! You don’t want to hire a residential electrician and expect them to be able to wire your baseball field out side. That will not go over well and most likely will not pass inspection.

Now that we know the different types of electricians we all agree that the type and experience makes a huge difference in the electrician we will be hiring. Once you break it down and have the specifications ready it is pretty simple! A residential electrician if I need a ceiling fan, a commercial electrician if I need a new building and an industrial electrician if I need a new base ball park! Also we should pay special attention to the amount of experience the electrician in question has under his or her belt! This could be the determining factor! You don’t have be too awful choosey in the process but always ensure you are making an informed decision!

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