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As we all work together to adjust to our new social norms and suppress the COVID19 outbreak in our area, we hope everyone reading this is safe and healthy!  Since last week, everyone's routines have been changed. We understand that this can be an uncomfortable situation for many.

If you are on home quarantine, try to use the unexpected time at home as a positive, and take advantage of the situation. One way of doing that is to realize that pretty soon, we're all hopefully going to be back to our normal routines, and wonderful spring weather will be here.

At that point, don't scramble to get your landscaping work done, as you'll just be getting in line with everyone else. Instead, reach out to your local businesses now and support them. It is likely that many are experiencing a slow-down due to COVID19, and would welcome the work. You can still practice all safe and recommended "social distancing", and still keep your local economy moving.

For us at Ronco Electric, that means your new spring landscape lighting project is just a phone call away. Since you are home, jump on the opportunity to imagine, plan, and create the new landscape features you have always wanted. Our expertise in landscape lighting and design can take your ideas to the next level.

Maybe you've been wondering if you could use an attic fan in your home, but didn't want to take a day off of work and find out?  Well, now is the perfect time to find out.  We can provide a no-cost visit to review your setup and see if an attic fan can improve your in-home confort and reduce your energy bills.  Perhaps you've been curious if you could fit a new chandelier into your foyer, but just haven't found the time to spend investigating it.   Well, there is no better time than now for that either.

Call us at 732.938.2094 to set up a no-charge consultation and schedule us to view your property and make recommendations.  Take advantage of the fact that you may be stuck at home, and turn that fact into an opportunity.  Picture yourself hosting the first party at your home in your newly lit patio, gazebo, or yard.  You'll also have tremendous satisfaction that you supported your local businesses during a tough time for our country.

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