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Reasons to Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel

  • Reasons to Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel test

When you reach for the light switch, or try to cook something on your electric stove and nothing works, your first reaction will probably be to make certain that you have electricity coming to your home, but there are other reasons for electricity issues. The problem with interruptions in electricity is that, not only will we lose the power, there is also the risk of fire and damage to the property if your wiring is not as it should be.

If your Electrical panel is looking as though someone has pulled and tugged at it, you should let us take a look at it because poor wiring, especially in the panel can result in problems throughout the house. Maybe your panel needs replacing because there is evidence of corrosion in and around the connections simply because your electrical panel is mounted on the outside of the building.

Keeping up with the times also demands that your home benefits from the same changes. There was a time when electrical panels were designed with fuses that look like screw in bulbs. That may have been acceptable at one time, but if your electrical panel still uses these fuse like bulbs, you will need to consider having us replace the panel and bring it up to date, there may be other issues that need to be attended to.

As homeowners we are always adding new and improved electronic gadgets to help make our lives easier. Maybe a larger washer and dryer due to an increase in the family. With those changes come a greater demand on your electrical panel, a demand that if you don’t take seriously, the visit, we make to your home will be for more than simply upgrading your panel, it will probably involve rewiring the entire house.

So how exactly would the average homeowner know if their panel needs to be changed? The simple answer is that they won’t. It is possible to make an educated guess, but the smartest solution is to have us come out to your home and evaluate the panel and the demand that you are placing on it, then a decision can be made.

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