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Service Highlight - Chandelier Lifts & Storage Lifts

  • Service Highlight - Chandelier Lifts & Storage Lifts test

Ronco Electric routinely performs two great services we'd like to talk about - Powered lift systems for both chandeliers and storage areas.

If you've ever considered installing a grand chandelier in your home foyer or office space, you'd be surprised how affordable and easy to install they can be. Most jobs are done the same day, limiting potential highly traffic areas from being exposed to a work environment. In no time, you can transform your space into the grand entrance you have always dreamed about.

We have installed and currently service dozens of chandelier lifts, so you know your lift will be installed properly. Our experience also allows us to recommend the highest quality products to use, such as Alladin lifts.

Storage Lifts

A great way to find previously hidden storage space, and make it more accessible, is to install a storage lift in an attic, often above a garage or bedroom. These lifts are controlled by a wall switch, and they essentially lower down from the ceiling to the floor. On these lifts, you can place seasonal storage items, clothes bins, and other household items you would typically put in an attic.

The key benefit from these lifts is the accessibility and ease of use they provide. You can avoid dangerous trips up and down stairs every year, carrying holiday decorations or seasonal clothing swaps. Instead, simply lower your storage lift down, exchange what you need to place on it, and then raise it back up. Easy!

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