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Some Friendly Reminders

  • Some Friendly Reminders test

We“d like to post a few friendly reminders for all of our customers.  Now that the holidays are over, and we“re all getting back to our routines, now is the best time to test out your home generator.   As mentioned in our last post, don“t wait until the day before the storm to call and have your system tested, repaired, or if you have a portable home generator, try to start it.   It could be too late by then.  We always receive a flood of calls right before a big storm.   Don“t wait.    Test your system now, and if you have any trouble or notice something that is wrong, give us a call at 732.938.2094 and we“ll be right out to take a look and get you running properly.

Another useful tip is for our chandelier customers.  If you are planning to make a big purchase and get that chandelier you“ve always dreamed of, we are excited for you.  Unfortunately, many of our clients are so excited that the day they purchase and bring their chandelier home, they want it installed instantly.   We do our best to accommodate our clients, but sometimes we cannot handle all same day requests.   A great idea to keep in mind when chandelier shopping is to schedule an install a week in advance with us.  This way, the day you bring home your new chandelier from the supply house can be the same day it gets installed.

With a little prudence you can get out in front of some common pitfalls of scheduling.  We hope those two tips above are useful and help save some of our clients some headaches in the near future.