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Summer Power Outages - Be Prepared

  • Summer Power Outages - Be Prepared test

As Summer rolls in, so does the increased potential for severe thunderstorms across New Jersey. These storms can often devastate power lines, and cause tremendous damage to homes.

In the case of a potential power outage, below is a list of great tips and guidelines to follow, to ensure you are ready for the next big storm. Be sure to stock up on:

  • first-aid kits
  • Batteries
  • Flashlights
  • Battery-operated radio
  • Candles with matches
  • Bottled Drinking Water
  • Soda Cans
  • Infant supplies if needed
  • Whistles

During an outage, it is best to keep the amount of times you open your fridge or freezer to a minimum, to ensure your food lasts as long as possible. You can often toss a blanket over a freezer to help insulate it and keep the cold in.

Be sure to turn off your air conditioners, and then find the best way to generate air flow through your home to keep it as cool as possible. This would likely involve opening certain windows and doors to strategically generate air flow.

Contact your energy provider if you have life support medical equipment in your home, as they will prioritize your home as best they can for power restoration.

During the outage, periodically check your neighbors' homes to see if power may have been restored to your area. If you can identify that power has been restored, but you are not receiving any service in your home, be sure to check your circuit breakers. If you still continue to have problems, or are not sure about the safety or performance of your service, please give us a call at 732.938.2094. We'll be right out to visit you.

It is also a good idea to check in with your neighbors if possible via cell phones or by visiting, both to ensure everyone is OK and to also pool resources.

If you own a backup generator, be sure you have a sufficient amount of fresh gas available for the generator.

If you haven't considered installing a home backup generator for your residence, now is a great time to do so. Give us a call at 732.938.2094 for a free quote.