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Top Things To Check On Your Property As Winter Leaves

  • Top Things To Check On Your Property As Winter Leaves test

As winter begins to make it's way out of the North, the harsh winter months can often leave behind some serious damage....some of it hard to see at first. Below are some things to look out for as you begin to check your property in the warmer days ahead.

  • Animal Damage — Animals are often attracted to live wires and electrical boxes for shelter.  However, they can often chew through wires as they hibernate in our electrical equipment.  Check for any signs of gnawed or chewed wires on anything that is easily visible to you.  If you have a pool house or cabana, shed or other structure supplied with power that is not heated, give it a quick walk through and look for signs of animal damage.
  • Test GFCIs — Often outdoor GFCIs can go bad from weather exposure.  Locate and test all GFCIs on your property to ensure they are in proper working order.  
  • Pool Wiring — If you have an above ground pool, check the bonding wires for rust damage.
  • Tree Damage - Walk your property and carefully trace any exposed power lines that are exposed to trees.  Check to make sure there is no debris that may be sitting on a line or gathering on the roof and close to an overhead service line.  If your service line is underground, check for any damage or movement from tree roots and freeze/thaw.

If through these quick checks, you spot something you are not sure of is stil safe, or if you have any questions, give us a call at 732.938.2094 and we'll be happy to address any concerns you may have.