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Keeping Energy Bills Down

  • Keeping Energy Bills Down test

There are many reasons to lower your use of energy at home. It is better for the environment to save energy, and it saves you money. If you want to keep energy bills down, there are several ways to accomplish you goal. You can ask a technician for an electrical inspection in order to figure out what it is that you need to change in order to have a more energy-effective home.

The easiest way to lower your energy bills is to make sure you are not using electricity on appliances and lights you are not using. Don’t leave lights on in rooms you aren’t using. If you need light during the day consider opening your curtains or blinds rather than turning on a light. Don’t leave televisions, computers, or radios running when you are not using them.

Heating and cooling can be large burdens on your electrical bill. Consider lowering your heat or raising your air conditioner by two degrees. Most likely you won’t notice a difference, and if you do it is easy to put on a sweater or change into cooler clothing. Use mother nature to help you with your heating and cooling. Raise your blinds on winter days to let sunlight in, and use your blinds to block the sunshine on hot days.

Consider your routines and practice efficiency in your chores. If you are baking a cake, think of what else you can bake at the same time so your overall use of your oven will be less. Dry your loads of laundry one after another so your dryer stays warm. Or better yet, line dry your clothing!

Use your small appliances wisely. Rather than heating up your house in the summer with your oven, try to microwave instead. You can also plug in a slow cooker outside and cook your food that way!

Keeping your energy bills down can be easy. Look at your heating, cooling, cooking, and appliance use. Your bills will be down in no time!

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